Mission Statement

To provide university campuses with vegetarian meals that are subsidized, healthy, freshly prepared, karma-free, and Yoga-friendly (sattvic). Proceeds are used to support a not-for-profit initiative of karma-free food distribution across university campuses, elders in the community, and shelters for the homeless.


    We offer boxed meals for $5!  Possible with the help of volunteers passionate about sharing Karma Free food.


    Krishna Lunch is available 5 days a week. You can select a location near you and reserve your box right here!


    100% vegetarian. No meat, fish or eggs. It is prepared in a completely vegetarian kitchen that follows strict Vedic Standards.


    Cooked with the mood to offer back to the Creator. We use Sattvic ingredients that is not agitating to the mind and body.

  • Menu Week of Feb 1st


    1. Yellow Rice
    2. Palak Paneer (Home-made cheese cubes in spinach sauce)
    3. Gulab Jamuns (Lightly fried milk balls soaked in a rose flavored syrup)
    1. Mint and Cilantro Rice
    2. Spicy Chickpeas
    3. Stuffed Tomatoes (Baked tomatoes stuffed with Peas and Paneer with white sauce)
    4. Strawberry Halwa (Dessert made of cream of wheat and strawberries)
    1. Vegetable Biryani (Spiced rice with vegetables)
    2. Tomato Raita (Seasoned yoghurt)
    3. Tomato Pickle
    4. Blueberry Halwa (Dessert made of cream of wheat and blueberries)
    1. Rice
    2. Rajma (Kidney beans in spicy gravy)
    3. Spinach and Mixed Vegetables in Cream Sauce (NEW!)
    4. Carob Ladoo (Dessert made of carob, condensed milk and coconut)
    Friday (NEW!!)
    1. Coconut Milk Rice
    2. Whole Green Lentils Curry
    3. Peas and Potatoes Spicy Curry
    4. Simply Wonderfuls (Home-made milk fudge)


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    Pick-up Locations

    Note: All orders after 10 am will be counted towards next day’s Krishna Lunch.

    Volunteer for Krishna Lunch and get your lunch box for free:

    ISKCON Chicago also caters Karma Free food for various events. Find out more about our Catering and Bake sales.

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